HONOLULU (KITV) - After nearly three weeks of a grueling search and rescue mission, all 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped inside a Northwest Thailand cave system have been rescued.

A post on the Thai Navy Seals Facebook page says it all: 

Nearly three weeks ago, a teenage soccer team and their 25-year-old coach got trapped in a flooded underground cave system in Thailand.

The massive rescue effort to free them started after two British divers found them all alive last week. It took an international team of expert divers three days to get all 13 out. One of the rescuers tragically lost his life. 

It was a complicated rescue, with each journey in and out of the cave taking hours.

The father of one of the boys trapped inside the cave, Akarat Wong Suk Chan, spoke exclusively with CNN, overjoyed with emotion saying, "I want to hug him. I already said in the interview before that I wanted to hug him and I want to tell him that I'm happy. Because of the king's benevolence, no matter whether it's the police or the army they all came and I'm so happy and I don't know what else to say, I'm just happy."

This was compounded by the boys' physical state of malnutrition and low oxygen levels. Two divers accompanied each rescue since some the boys did not know how to swim. They are all being treated at a nearby hospital.

Four navy seals are still in the cave, including a doctor who was treating the boys inside.