There are plans in place for a new Wendy's to go up just beyond where the Pali Highway becomes Kailua road in the old Tesoro gas station. When the residents of the Pohakupu neighborhood found out, it wasn't burgers, frosty's and fries that came to mind. 

"The noise, the lighting, the smells!" said resident Verna Pacheco. 

State Representative Chris Lee says neighbors are concerned. 

"We've heard significant outreach from the community that's really been concerned about the impact a new Wendy's would have on that community in Kailua," said Lee.

Just a few blocks away is Kailua High school. The end of a school day could bring a combination of kids and cars and some worry it's too dangerous.
Neighbors would rather have a park or small business on the property that's owned by Alexander and Baldwin.  If not, they'd like a special order:  only let cars get in and out off Kailua Road.

"That seems like a no brainer because it endangers children playing on the street," said Lee. "It creates problems for neighbors who are just trying to live their lives."

A representative from Cotti Foods Corporation, a group of franchisees,  told Island News that they have received the community's concerns and are addressing them.