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New study shows the impact of separating migrant children from their families

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The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association have denounced the separation of children their parents at the border.  But a new study may do more to show the health effects of childhood trauma - on these children's children.

Researchers know that what happens in childhood echoes through life. It's what researchers call adverse childhood events or "aces".  Aces are traumatic: neglect, abuse, household dysfunction, violence, even long-time separation from parents.  The study says that aces travel through generations into the traumatized children's children.  

Researchers used the behavior problems index to measure how severe the second generation of ace kids' behavior problems were.  The higher the score - the worse the behavioral and mental health outcome.  And childhood trauma from one generation turned up in their children as well.

It is important to realize that early life experiences don't just affect the child's adult life, they affect the lives of their future children.  the researchers hope their study will help the medical community recognize the effects of childhood trauma - for this generation and the next one.