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President Trump is set to announce his supreme court nominee tonight

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WASHINGTON - President Trump is set to announce his supreme court nominee to fill the seat of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy in a prime-time televised address tonight. 

ABC's Stephanie Ramos reported from outside the Supreme Court:

The President is taking a page out of his reality show days, announcing during prime time his pick for the vacant  vacant supreme court seat. 

"We are close to making a decision. it's, well let's just say it's the four people. Every one, you can't go wrong" said President Donald Trump. 

Most democrats would disagree going with an ultra conservative judge could tip the balance of the court for decades.

Senator Richard Blumenthal said, "If you look at what the president said, which is he will nominate someone only if that person is committed to automatically overturn Roe v. Wade, I've never seen a president of the United States in fact make himself a puppet of outside groups." 

 The top four judges were handpicked out of a group of twenty-five by a group of conservative lawyers called the Federalist Society. Judge Brett Kavanaugh,  Raymond Kethledge  Thomas Hardima and Amy Coney Barrett. This crucial appointment has sparked concern with some, that legalized abortion could be over turned.

Kavanaugh has said he would follow Roe v. Wade fully, Barret said she would not challenge precedent, but that she could envision the scope of abortion rights changing. Kethledge and Hardiman have never spoken publicly about their views on the matter.

Senator Roy Blunt said, "I think the president has to think about who is the easiest to get confirmed here." 

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has promised a senate vote on the new supreme court nominee by the fall. 

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