HONOLULU (KITV) - Before young women go off to college, a La Pietra physics teacher wants to make sure they take safety into their own hands.

Aaron Sekulich is offering a course on self-defense, and he isn't just a physics teacher.

Sekulich has coached wrestling and judo at Mid-Pacific and Punahou.

His course shows women how to use their own fear reflex as an effective form of self-defense, and says this training will help them navigate through college with confidence.

"When they do go to college and they are off on their own are are making smart choices, they're detecting situations before they are happening, they are able to defuse situations that are in progress and if absolutely necessary, they have the confidence and skill set to defend themselves," said Sekulich.

Sekulich says one in five college women report sexual assault.

The course is from July 16th through 20th.