HONOLULU (KITV) - An Ewa Beach man is apologizing to the community after he was caught on video dumping oil down a storm drain.

Ewa Neighborhood Board Member Kurt Favella says the man even hired a clean up crew to clear out the drain.

The man and his family reportedly received death threats after video surfaced on Stolen Stuff Hawaii, showing him pouring buckets of oil directly into the storm drain. It went viral-shared more than 200 times.

"We're not gonna sugarcoat it.  He did stupid stuff.  He did endanger our environment, and our ocean, where our families fish and eat.  But, his family does not deserve death threats,rocks being thrown at his wife and daughter. The wife and daughter have nothing to do with this," said , Favella.

The Department of Facility Maintenance says dumping any type of chemical or sediment into a storm drain is illegal. It also threatens streams and marine life.

The city is investigating to see if there were any violations. 

To anyone who sees illegal dumping, you can report it to the city's Environmental Concern Line at 768-3300.