HONOLULU - The first licenses to growers under that State's Industrial Hemp Pilot Program have been issued by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

In June, three people each received 10 acres of land to being the grow process. As long as growers comply with rules and regulations, such as paying the annual $250 fee, licenses will be valid for two years. 

"Hawaii's first licenses hemp growers will help to demonstrate the real potential of the industrial hemp industry," said Governor David Ige. "We look forward to the entrepreneurial spirit that will help to invigorate and strengthen agriculture across the state."

This new way of farming will dig deep into how well this crop will flourish within the Aloha state.

"The program will also follow the crop from seed to the development, manufacturing and marketing of hemp products," said Scott Enright, chairperson of the Hawaii Board of Agriculture.

Some state officials say the gains made last month with go down in farming history. 

"In the coming years, it's likely we'll see our state become the leader in industrial hemp production and witness a cottage industry being developed around this incredible crop," said State Senator Mike Gabbard.

So far, 10 applications have been received since the inception of the program back in April. HDOA will continue to process the applications, and issue licenses on a quarterly basis.