NEW YORK - After being trapped for more than 2 weeks, the race to rescue these 12 boys and their soccer coach - more urgent than ever.

"They have forecast for three or four days it's raining so we are concerned about that," said Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong.

Rescuers now rushing to save the group before an impending torrential storm with oxygen inside the cave running out.

Authorities explain that it was due to the number of workers using the air supply inside cave, the boys could soon run out of oxygen.

It's a new concern  following the death of a former Thai Navy Seal overnight.

38-year-old Saman Kunan ran out of oxygen while trying to place air tanks along a possible evacuation route for the team.  

The Thai Navy Seals? Responding with this post on Facebook: "Today, you get some good rest. We will complete the mission for you?"

Crews are still pumping water out of the cave but divers are now training the boys how to breathe underwater. 

Some areas inside the cave are still fully submerged and others are left with barely enough room, even for these rescuers to keep their heads above water.

Officials say, their priority is to get them out as quickly as possible, but doing so with their safety in mind. 

Officials say they have the situation under control and that the boys just are not ready to dive out on their own. For now, there is enough oxygen for everyone but they cannot wait until the monsoon season ends.