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Short power outage on last night of 50th state fair

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Around and around and around they go. Will they stop?

Last night, the fairgrounds near Aloha Stadium were a buzz after a temporary power outage.The riders got off about four to five minutes later. The source of the outage was caused by a plugged fuel filter.

"Diesel is very dirty. So you need fuel filters in there and they can plug quickly. But we do have backup generators here," Scott Fernandez, owner of E.K. Fernandez shows said. 

Fernandez says the people who were stuck on rides during the power outage were not hurt. He adds some cheered once they found out they could spend more time at the fair. But Fernandez tells Island News the future of his company may be spinning out of control.

"Our brand of entertainment, they believe is somehow distasteful," Fernandez said.

He says the state refused to process permits needed to put on the 50th State Fair, permits he's submitted in the past.

As a result, Fernandez lost the money needed for permitting fees. With fair attendance down plus paying for new expensive rides, the company is short about $1 million. It's a financial set back that may require the E.K. Fernandez Shows company to cancel other events like neighbor island fairs and other carnivals.

"The government is attacking a 115 year old kamaaina company that's still run by the family member. It's difficult to plan and make business decisions when you have uncertainty," Fernandez said. 

Fernandez said the state is not signing permits allowing the company to bring certain animal acts to the fair. 

Officials in Governor David Ige's office tell Island News the state Board of Agriculture is considering a rule that would ban the "importation of wild animals as performing animals, " and the Department of Agriculture is not granting permits for live, wild animals for performance until this rule is acted upon.

There is a petition to save E.K. Fernandez Shows that will go to Governor Ige's office. It has more than 400 signatures so far.