WAIKIKI, Hawaii - Two of Hawaii's top Democratic contenders vying to be the next governor squared of in Waikiki on Monday.

Both candidates agreed to disagree on how to sustain the state's record setting tourism industry.  

Next month's primary election is about five weeks away, and in front of a packed house, Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa and Governor David Ige pitched why they think they are the best for the job.

Both candidates reiterated the importance of maintaining the state's record-setting tourism industry. 

The democratic opponents agreed modernizing Honolulu's airport is key in setting a healthy impression on Hawaii's visitors. 

While Ige praised modernization efforts at the airport, Hanabusa questioned why it took so long for projects to get up and running. 

"So the question everyone should be asking is why why is it that we haven't been able to do this what's wrong with government that they haven't been able to do what they said that they absolutely supported," said Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa.
"We've committed to $2.7 billion in investing in our airports we had groundbreaking of the long talked about decades delayed Maka terminal so we can get additional gates." said Governor David Ige.

Kauai's record breaking floods and the ongoing lava threat in Puna is taking its toll on Hawaii's tourism industry. 

Both candidates agree that more creative ideas need to be implemented to keep visitors coming.

Governor Ige laid out a list of his accomplishments so far in office. From cooling classrooms to helping those living on the streets. 

"Our state homelessness count is down for the second consecutive year the first time in many" said Ige.

Hanabusa says her 12 year run in the state legislature and time serving congress has prepared her for the position. 

"People have criticized me for over the years for being kind of geeky because I read everything. But you know what it's because that's what you all deserve. You deserve somebody who is running for governor who understands the consequences," said Hanabusa.