Federal Emergency Management Agency inspectors are following up with Big Island residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed by lava. 

1,261 people registered with FEMA by Thursday night, seeking help for damages caused by Kilauea's volcanic eruptions or preceding earthquakes. All 1,261 received a registration number. 

FEMA is calling people who registered for federal aid but the phone number on the caller ID might come up as "unknown" or "unregistered."

Officials say to be sure, ask for one thing right away.

"When you answer that call and if they say they are an inspector, ask them to repeat your registration number to you, and if they have that information, you will know it's a FEMA inspector," Renee Bafalis, FEMA said. 

That number will help weed out the fake inspectors from the real ones.     

Seven certified FEMA inspectors are currently on Hawaii Island and they've already completed about 40 homes and property inspections in Lower Puna. 

In the days to come, they'll call more people who registered to verify damage and set up meet times. 

Applicants are eligible for grants to pay for expenses like temporary housing, home repairs or home replacement. 

A warning from FEMA, if you don't recognize the number calling when you pick up, ask the caller for your registration number or you might miss a chance to schedule an inspection. 

FEMA says they have not yet received reports of people pretending to be inspectors.