HONOLULU - Special Olympics Hawaii honors Hawaii’s Golisano Health Leadership Award recipients - Dental Lifeline Network, Project Vision Hawaii, and Aloha Medical Mission - for their contributions and commitment to improving the health of individuals with intellectual disabilities, including the athletes of Special Olympics Hawaii. 

“The contributions these organizations make to improve the health and well being of our Special Olympics Hawaii athletes is invaluable,” says Jen Ernst, Special Olympics Hawaii Healthy Communities manager. “Honoring these organizations with the Golisano Health Leadership Award is one small way we can celebrate their work that carries us closer to reaching our goal of creating inclusive, healthy communities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.”  

The Golisano Health Leadership Award is presented by Special Olympics International and the Golisano Foundation, and is awarded nationally to outstanding individuals and organizations dedicated to improving the health of people with intellectual disabilities and advancing the health of Special Olympics athletes.  

Project Vision Hawaii is a local nonprofit specializing in mobile health screenings for communities with financial challenges and individuals who lack insurance. Started in 2007, Project Vision Hawaii has since assisted more than 55,000 patients from across Hawaii including senior, low-income families, and individuals with disabilities.   

Dental Lifeline Network, is a volunteer-based organization that donates comprehensive dental services and treatments for individuals with intellectual disabilities and elderly patients over 65 years old. The organization is composed of 108 volunteer dentists from around the state. Since 2002, Dental Lifeline Network has treated 482 patients in Hawaii.   

Aloha Medical Mission provides free medical care services for individuals in Hawaii and the Pacific. In Hawaii, Aloha Medical Mission provides dental services to patients who have limited access to income and healthcare. 

Aloha Medical Mission, Dental Lifeline Network, and Project Vision Hawaii join the list of national 2018 Golisano Health Leadership Award recipients. Up to seven honorees receive the global award, which will be presented at the 2019 Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi.   

Since 2012, philanthropist and Paychex Chairman Tom Golisano, along with the Golisano Foundation has committed $37 million to Special Olympics International health programs to increase access to inclusive health care, fitness, education, and resources for individuals with intellectual disabilities--including Special Olympics Hawaii athletes.   

Golisano — entrepreneur, philanthropist, and civic leader — is the founder and chairman of the board of HR company Paychex, Inc., headquartered in Rochester. Golisano says he established the Golisano Foundation to help make the world a better place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Golisano Foundation is now one of the largest private foundations in the United States devoted exclusively to supporting programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.