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Lava map breakdown: ash plume sent 8,000 ft from summit crater

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Over a month now, and the lava flow continues.

Aerial views of Kapoho Bay show multiple lava streams spilling into the ocean creating laze, a corrosive mix of steam, hydrocloric acid and glass particles. This can irritate skin, eyes and lungs.

Over at the crater summit, another explosion took place Wednesday morning before 4 a.m. causing an ash plume about 8,000-feet high.

Live cameras from USGS show ash still coming from the crater area.  The wind is blowing it southwest.

Fountaining at fissure 8 continues to feed the fast moving channelized flow that is entering the ocean at Kapoho.

The sporadic spattering from fissures 16/18 from the last several days has diminished.  Although, the fissures continued to glow noticeably overnight Tuesday. 

Volcanic gas emissions remain very high from fissure 8 eruptions. Gas emissions have increased over the past two weeks. Wind conditions are changing and may bring vog to the central, south, and western parts of the Island of Hawaii. 

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