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Fashion Sense: Love the one you're with...your body

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Love the one you're with...your body. Dress for success by learning your body type, Valerie Joseph said, 

Today we celebrated our 20th segment of Fashion Sense.  WooHoo!  So, I wanted to bring back my three favorite hacks we've shared.   

(props: ribbon roll)
Let's face it Lindsey, zipping up your own dress can sometimes be challenging.  Here's a quick hack.  
•    All you need is a piece of thin ribbon (you could also use string and even dental floss!) 
•    You should be able to loop a ribbon through most zipper pulls.  (do this before getting dressed) 
•    Be sure your ribbon is long enough to grab, swing it over your shoulder, pull up and voila!  No more waiting to get dressed.

(props: paperclip, bracelet)
Lindsey, I can't tell you how many times I've not worn a bracelet all because I could not clasp it myself.   
Try this:  All you need is a large paperclip.  Simply bend the paperclip open and secure one end to your bracelet.  Grip the paperclip with one hand, wrap the bracelet around your wrist and secure the clasp with the other.  Tada!!! 

You'll need:
-    T-Shirt (the bigger the better).  The bigger the tee, the bigger your bag, the more shopping you can do!  WooHoo!
-    White or colored pencil from drygoods department
-    Scissors made for fabric cutting
-    Ruler
•    Cut away along all seams: neckline, sleeves and bottom edge
•    Take ruler and measure 6" down from armpit
•    Draw line across bottom of tee shirt.  This will be the start fringe design.
•    Using ruler and pencil, make tick marks every ½".  This will be your fringe design.
•    Cut your fringe design.
•    Double knot front and back of each fringe piece.  This will close up the bottom of your bag

Part Two:

Have you ever had one of those bad shopping days where everything you try on doesn't fit right?  
For women, it's much more important to learn your body shape so you can focus on your best features…. and we all have them.

Once you identify your personal shape, you'll be able to shop with clarity and purpose and not to mention, you'll have less disappointments in the fitting room.  Let's take a look:
(APPLE shape banner.  Model comes out from behind.)
(the look: asymmetrical caftan top, fitted twill pant)
This shape is generally well proportioned and will carry the most weight through bust and mid-section.  Not necessarily as curvy through hips and you don't have a well-defined waistline.  The key is to create balance between top and bottom 
•    No defined waist
•    Weight tends to form on the stomach and sometimes bust
•    Focus on highlighting shoulders and legs 
•    Steer away from form-fitting tops and try flowy styles and v-neck anything
•    Straight leg pants, shift and wrap dresses are great!

(PEAR shape banner.  Model comes out from behind.)
(the look: fit and flare dress) 
The Pear Shape is the most common where your waist and hips are larger than your bust.  
•    Hips are wider than the shoulder
•    Weight tends to accumulate on hips and buttocks
•    Elongate the body by playing with proportions
•    Secret weapon:  dramatic accessories!
•    Fit and flare dresses are perfect to highlight the smallest part of your waist
•    Structured jackets, A-line skirts look great!
Play up your slender upper body with embellished, scoop and plunging necklines and hemlines that hit right below the knee.  

(RECTANGLE shape banner.  Model comes out from behind.) 
Upper and lower torso equal in width, undefined waist and not particularly curvy.  This is also called the athletic shape. 

•    No defined waist
•    Hips tend to have similar width as the shoulders
•    You do not have a lot of curves
•    Bust tends to be small or average
•    V-neck or off shoulder styles help create illusion of curves
•    Wrap dresses are great to create a waist
To play up your bust choose strapless like this with ruffle detail and pencil skirts can also help create shape.

(HOURGLASS shape banner.  Model comes out from behind.)
The most desired shape by women.  You want to define your waist and show off your lovely lady shape.   
•    Well defined (narrow) waist
•    Hip and bust tend to be almost the same and quite big
•    Highlight curves with jumpsuits, tailored blazers, pencil skirts, wide leg pants
•    Wrap dresses highlight area between waist and hips.
Power pieces are anything round, boat or v-neck.  This shape was made for dresses and high-waist styles.

Remember, we may not all be created equal in body shape, but we can all be equally alluring.

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