HILO, Hawaii - Concerns over the eruption led cruise lines to stop their Big Island port calls, that changed Tuesday when the NCL’s Pride of America returned.

Some now feel viewing the eruption with lava tourism could be the boost the Big Island’s visitor industry needs.

Just off the coast in Hilo, crew ships can be seen bring hundreds or even thousands of visitors in each port they stop in. For many, this is a welcome sight.

Downtown Hilo was bustling with activity, and vendors were once again busy at the farmers market.

“Today is very good, last week, not at all," said Lilian Storino of Shing Kai Trading Company. "We like the cruise ships, they help our business. Everybody here is happy.”

All the passengers Island News talked with were aware of the eruption, but still wanted to explore the Big Island.

“We did hear about the volcano but we felt confident in the folks at set up the tour that they would make sure our safety was a priority,” said (Marty Pendleton a visitor from Houston.

“Before we left, we found the cruise was not gonna be coming to the Big Island," said Eric Hein, a visitor from Denver. "But two days ago, we got the itinerary changed and we’re really happy. We were looking forward to coming to this island; we’ve been to the others but this is our first time to the Big Island”

Hein, like many other visitors and locals, would even like to see the volcano in action.

“My kids are nervous but I would be interested in going to see it. Not to see the distruction but to see the volcano. It’s a hell of an opportunity that you don’t normally get to see, especially being from Colorado”

Many would also like a chance to View the eruption from a safe location. An idea that could also provide a boost to tourism.

It is also one Mayor Harry Kim supports.

“We’ve been thinking about that from day one,” says Mayor Kim.

But because of the erratic nature of this eruption, and triple threat of dangerous levels of SO2, laze and fast moving lava, there has been no safe spot...but the mayor hopes people do get a chance to see this incredible sight in the future

“This is still a priority," said Kim "It is a responsibility to see if there is anyway we can help the economy and we will continue to look. Once it stabilizes, ask, 'where can we allow people to go and see?'”

In addition to a cruise ship returning, another change here has been the county scaling back some of its efforts in response to the eruption. Which will also help save some of the mounting costs from this emergency.