HONOLULU (KITV) - A line of closely spaced vents at Fissure 8 are continuing to erupt producing fountains reaching heights up to 160 feet, just higher than the spatter cone around them. This activity continues to feed the fast moving channelized flow that is entering the ocean at Kapoho.

 Lava was entering the ocean over a broader length this morning with several minor incandescent points and small plumes and two larger entries and corresponding plumes. The upwelling areas were also more dispersed than Monday.

Interaction of molten lava flowing into cool seawater causes pulsating "littoral explosions" that throw spatter (fragments of molten lava) and pieces of solidified glassy lava (black sand, Pele's hair, limu o Pele) high into the air.

In an aerial view of the Kapoho ocean entry, these dark-colored lava particles are blasted skyward through billowing white clouds of seawater steam (laze). Ocean entry littoral explosions can create hazardous conditions both on land and at sea.

Early Tuesday morning, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake came from Kilauea's summit around 2 a.m.

There is no tsunami threat, but scientists warn, earthquake activity is on the rise, and more lava outbreaks are possible.