KAILUA, Hawaii - One man's recovering from bullet wounds in the hospital and another's still on the loose after a late night shooting in Kailua Monday. Island News went to the house on Keolu Road where the shooting happened, and spoke with children who live on the property. They say it was their uncle who was shot. 

"I was in the back playing with my toys when all of a sudden my uncle came in and he had blood on his hands," said Rylen Donda.  His sister Pricyia Donda said, "I just know that he got shot two or three times."

Their parents didn't want to talk about the shooting, but let the kids show some of the bullet holes. Neither child knows the gunman and police want to find him.
Investigators say the incident started as an argument but somehow escalated..The suspect went to his car, grabbed a gun, and started shooting.
Posts online say the bullets struck the victim's head an legs police have not confirmed that.
They do confirm there's an attempted murder suspect and he's on the loose.