Senator Russell Ruderman, who represents Puna, has been pushing for a proposal that gives residents who lost their homes to lava an opportunity to rebuild on state land.

The senator called it a relocation proposal that would give incentive to residents of the affected communities a reason to re-start their lives outside of lava zones one and two.

"We want people to move out of this area and to rebuild elsewhere, we do not want people rebuilding in the same place that just got inundated by lava so we want them to move to a different area," Ruderman said. 

Ruderman says he's already identified 9,000 acres of state land in Puna near Maku'u that could be used for permanent housing. He says he's hopeful this proposal could be executed within the next six months, meaning residents who lost their homes would be able to build new homes at that time.

"I think the thinking is if you lost, if you had a home that got destroyed by lava and it was your primary residents, you're first in line, if you lost your home, you get first priority and second priority would extend other people who perhaps lost property or a rental home or something like that," Ruderman said.