HONOLULU - Fun and easy beauty routine from edible skin care to lip gloss and everything in between. Valerie Joseph joins Lindsey Fukano for their 19th segment of Fashion Sense and said -

Regardless of our age, it's important to take good care of our skin.  After all, it is our largest organ which means what we put on our skin is so important.

There are many all-natural ingredients with benefits that can make your skin appear more youthful.
•      Caffeine:  
o    Best antioxidant for your skin.
o    Known diuretic helps reduce appearance of cellulite
o    Exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, improves circulation
o    Reduce eye puffiness, smooths skin
o    Reduce redness, brightens skin  

•      Fractionated Coconut Oil:
o     Ultra-moisturizer and doesn't clog pores
o     Sooths skin rashes, irritations and inflammation
o     Helps fade stretch marks

•      Oatmeal:
o     Anti-inflammatory properties
o     Treats acne and eczema
o     Moisturizing
o     Natural exfoliant

A beauty product Joseph swears by is CocoJava.  All the ingredients in CocoJava is food-grade, it's edible.  If it's good enough to ingest, it's good enough to put on your skin. 

CocoJava has a Face Polish, Cellulite Scrub and Body Scrub. CocoJava is for men, women and anyone looking to improve the appearance of their skin.

Part two: How to create a five-minute face

Valerie Joseph said: Most women are intimidated by makeup.  They don't have the time or the motivation to take on a multi-step routine.  There is a lot of focus on celebrity beauty ideals that may not relate to everyday life.  This results in most women having a "forget it" attitude thus throwing on mascara and lip balm then running out the door.  Here's a 3-step process for a 5-minute face that will have you looking more polished. 

MODEL #1: STEP 1 Prep face and add base 
(the look: bare face, toner, serum and eye cream, spf moisturizer, foundation)
Step #1: 
•      Swipe toner on your face to remove any leftover impurities, apply a face serum to tighten and firm, apply eye cream to target fine lines, spf moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun and other harsh environments and finish with foundation (or tinted moisturizer)
•      Pat concealer under eyes and spot conceal any redness
•      Use powder to set

MODEL #2:  STEP 2 Eyebrows, Liner, Mascara
(the look: eyebrows, mascara)
Step #2:
•      Fill in eyebrows.  Eyebrows help shape your beautiful face
•      Line your lash line.  This helps to give a bit of volume to your lashes
•      Brush on Mascara.  Lashes help to open up your eyes to appear more vibrant and awake.

MODEL #3: STEP 3 Cheek and Lip Color
(the look: colored cheeks and lips)
•      Sweep on highlighter on cheek bones
•      Apply blush on cheeks
•      Swipe on Lip color 
*TIP: you may use a cheek and lip tint

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