ABC - More than sixty-nine people found dead so far -- after a powerful volcanic eruption in Guatemala over the weekend. That number's expected to climb. The volcano erupted Sunday, spewing a river of lava and plumes of smoke almost 6 miles into the air, residents in remote areas along the mountain -- had little or no time to make a run for safety. 

New this morning a miracle in the midst of tragedy. This dramatic video shows rescuers carrying a baby through an ash-covered doorway and handing her to another rescue worker. She appears alert and unharmed. Like Kilauea's done on Hawaii Island, the Fuego Volcano's swallowed homes in Guatemala. But unlike Hawaii the death-toll is eye-opening. So far zero deaths in lower-puna, but Fuego's deadly because of what volcanologists call a "pyroclastic flow" or a mix of ash-rock and volcanic-gases reaching 18-thousand degrees Fahrenheit.