HONOLULU - Clayton Hee announced his run for the state senate seat, just one day after he withdrew from the race for governor of Hawaii.

"I am old enough to know that the concrete pillar is harder than your head," says the former state senator. "So if you keep banging it the blood you see on the pillar it does not belong to the pillar."

 Hee says his decision to withdraw comes after he decided his campaign didn't have enough funds to compete against Democratic opponents David Ige and Colleen Hanabusa. 

"We need to focus on what we are going to do as a campaign and not what others are going to do," says Gov. David Ige.

“We are thankful for the discussion generated by the issues he raised,” Hanabusa's campaign adds.

Those issues include finishing rail at Middle Street and proposing a state lottery, which is why he's considering entering the lieutenant governor's race and is eyeing the district 23 senate seat. 

"This is a Clayton Hee move. he's his own person. he does these kinds of things," says political analyst Neal Milner. "Clayton does things differently and he's willing to take some chances."

Just last week, campaign signs connecting Hee to an apparent domestic violence incident were plastered across East Honolulu. Hee says the display didn't influence his decision to withdraw, but expressed the political action committee that put up the signs had no proof the incident even occurred, and that the super pac handled the smear attempt irresponsibly.

"I would say 'Here's a police report for Clayton Hee and this is what he did.' Or I would say 'Here's a TRO filed against Clayton Hee and this is what he did' or I would say 'Here's his ex-wife listen to what she has to say.'"

Neal Milner believes those negative campaign signs could still impact Hee in the upcoming election. 

"I would be very surprised that organization that put the signs up is going to back away just because he's running for a lesser office." Says Miller, "I think they'll stay in it. I think they'll make an issue."

Tuesday marks the deadline to file for the 2018 elections, which is when Hee is expected to announce which position he'll go after.