PUNA, Hawaii - Lava from the Leilani Estates fissure 8 distressing some in Leilani Estates. Huge volumes of hot rock run into a lava river, streaming across the subdivision and collecting in a gigantic perched pond.

Leilani Estates resident Brian Jordan and his wife, like many others living in that subdivision, are waiting to see if lava will spare their home. The couple lives on Kula Street — and has not yet evacuated. "Now it's just waiting, and it's just hard. That's the strange part of this whole thing."

Lava has consumed at least 87 properties. Out of all the fissures, Hawaii County Civil Defense says the flow from fissure 8 is the most eruptive, at times, sending lava and pyroclasts hundreds of feet into the sky.

"We're very lucky, compared to a lot of our friends. They've lost their homes, they've lost their property," acknowledges Jordan.

"We are subjected to showers of cinder every time this thing erupts. So we're 4,000 ft. from the vent, but our yard is getting covered in black cinder. We have the house all closed up and turned on the air conditioner and fans. So yeah, we're keeping as clean as we can. If it gets bad, we'll leave."