Residents living in Leilani Estates, east of Pomakai Street had until noon Friday to evacuate. The big reason why is safety: Fissure 8 is still firing within 200 feet into the air feeding those lava ponds.

"What surprised me was that fissure 8 and the amount of lava that was coming out and I call it a big huge river of lava winding its way down to the lava field just kind of open my eyes that anything in its path is just going to be covered," Talmadge Magno, Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator said.

Fissure 8 fountaining lava for five straight days, its river flowing near properties in Leilani Estates, destroying at least 87 homes and counting.

A majority of the area under a mandatory evacuation.

The USGS says fissure 8 is the only area where lava is currently erupting and producing the most volume of lava they've ever seen over the past month.

One resident says living in Leilani Estates is "frightening". 

Another couple is staying. Their home is just outside the evacuation zone but still inside Leilani Estates.

The couple is ready to leave on a moments notice. Others were seen leaving before Friday's noon deadline because leaving after could get them arrested.

They do have a message for everyone else who's not there. 

"Be appreciative of what you have this day this moment. Appreciate love, be kinder, be compassionate and help each other," Gilbert and Linda Miles Leilani Estates residents said. 

Mayor Harry Kim's evacuation order last for 60 days or until further notice from Hawaii County.