Fissure number 8 in Leilani Estates is still very active, spewing lava more than 200 feet into the air. 

A levee is holding lava behind it, but the flow is fast-moving. 

Lava is headed for Highway 132 and Highway 137, a junction known as Four corners.  It's about one mile away according to Hawaii county's last report. 

Thursday Mayor Harry Kim signed an evacuation order into effect, meaning that all residents east of Pomaikai St. must evacuate or else they could be arrested.  

If residents stay and do not leave, and they need help from first responders, officials may not show up. 

It's very important that residents east of Pomaikai St. must evacuate by noon.

Fissure 8 is building perch ponds which could break at any time, and create fast moving lava flows through the community.