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The President claims the FBI infiltrated his 2016 campaign

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WASHINGTON - Today, lawmakers will see highly classified documents related to what President Trump has dubbed "spygate". The president claims the FBI infiltrated his 2016 campaign with spies for political purposes.

ABC's Kenneth Moton reported:

If it were a spy novel, it appears President Trump would be the author.

“A lot bad things have happened. We now call it spygate” Tump said. 

With no apparent proof, President Trump has gone all in on his claim that the FBI and the Justice Department planted spies in his 2016 campaign.

“It looks like a very serious event…I hope it's not true, but it looks like it is” Trump said.

On twitter the president called the alleged conspiracy "one of the biggest scandals in history" carried out by a quote "criminal deep state". A spy put there by the previous administration for political purposes.

When asked by press, President Obama? Trump said, “after we look at the proof uh would he know? I would certainly hope not. But I think it's going to be pretty obvious after a while”.

The president also claimed Obama director of national intelligence James Clapper admitted on ABC’s the view to having spies in the campaign. But that's not what clapper said.

When Clapper was asked, was the FBI spying on trump's campaign? Clapper responded, “no, they were not. they were spying on a term I don't particularly like on what the Russians were doing”.

Today the Justice Department will hold two highly classified intelligence briefings on the FBI’s Russia investigation. The first meeting initially planned by the white house, republican only.

“No one should trust anything coming out of that meeting, it will be a sham” Chuck Schumer said.

Democrats fought for and will now be part of a second briefing, bipartisan group of house and senate leaders known as the gang of eight.

President trump says he's not trying to undercut the Russia investigation saying what he's doing is a service to this country.

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