VOLCANO VILLAGE, Hawaii - An ominous sign of danger that could be looming. A grey plume rising above the clouds, sending ash downwind, drifting west into Ka'u and dusting communities miles away. 
"I had no idea that the ash was rising until a friend stopped by and said, Halemaumau exploded. Did you see it? What are you going to do?'" said Birgitta Frazier, Volcano Village Resident.

Frazier lives down the road in Volcano Village, and is worried ash might fall into her catchment system. She turned off the water at her home and pottery business.
Frazier's other priority, protecting her animals- including a horse, chickens and herd of goats. 
"The goats are going to get a tarp over their house, they have their own house. The chickens, you can't do anything, you can't catch them until dawn. The cats and dogs can stay in the house," said Frazier.

Volcanologists say activity at Halemaumau is just beginning.  They've been warning of a series of explosions could be near, and will happen with little or no warning. 
"The excitement with the volcano, and now Halemaumau exploding. Yes, it's an excitement we have in paradise," Frazier said.

Ashfall is not toxic, but extended exposure may be harmful.