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Netflix junkie? Here are the top streamed shows by state

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Are you a Netflix junkie?  It wouldn't come as a surprise as the streaming entertainment platform continues to grow in popularity, and certain shows are more popular among different states within the U.S.

According to Netflix data reported in 2017, Netflix streamed a total of one billion hours of programming per week.

HighSpeedInternet.com used Google Trends to find out which programs each state showed the most interest in.  Orange Is the New Black won by a landslide for the entire country. However, many states had unique interests, such as the Aloha State. 

Here are a few states' most popular shows to stream:

  • Hawaii: Black Mirror
  • Michigan: The Confession Tapes
  • South Dakota: Fuller House
  • Utah: Stranger Things
  • Virginia: Narcos
  • Vermont: Dear White People
  • North Dakota: A Series of Unfortunate Events 
  • Idaho: Travelers
  • Rhode Island: GLOW
  • Missouri: Ozark

What did you watch?  Click here to see the full report breakdown.

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