The folks at Cajun Paradise Farms in Pahoa have returned home for now.

Island News brought their story to you Friday. 

They had intended to stay but evacuated to Kona Friday night after the fumes got too much. 

Since then, they have been watching the events closely and decided today to return home.

"It's maybe a mile and a half away from us. It was heading directly towards us, but the lava seems to have gone a little further East and downslope towards the ocean since yesterday. We have our masks. We're just going to stay diligent and just you know stay here until we absolutely have to leave," Don Waguespack, of Cajun Farms, said.

Don Waguespack says it was really hard to watch what was happening from afar.

They are not only keeping an eye on the volcanic activity, but also on the status of the roads near their property so they can leave at a moment's notice.