"Kicking, punching, throwing it was horrible. I was honestly in shock I was like how could someone do something like that," Graduate student Ines Almeida said.
She thought she was helping protect a friend who had fallen victim to domestic violence.
The Portugal native says her friend was beat up in front of the Brigham Young University- Hawaii (BYUH) fitness center on April 10th.
Security cameras captured everything, however Almeida says campus security failed to respond.
She says she reported the incident to school officials multiple times.
After no action was taken she decided to record surveillance footage on her phone and send it to the victim's family.

"I was just trying to help someone. It's not like I did it for fun or I did something and I was aware that I was doing something I wasn't supposed to do I was just trying to help someone, I was in shock," Almeida said.
Shock because that recording gave BYUH grounds to suspend her.
In a letter, the school stated Almeida violated its security camera usage policy.
That suspension terminates her school visa so she will have to leave Hawaii.
Almeida says she is frustrated because she's kept a stellar record at the school.
The double major just graduated last year with honors and was working on her teaching certificate.
She's also coached the school's basketball team, as well. 

"I love how we have the power to change lives. I always use basketball to teach lessons I always tell my players what you doing on the court is what they need to do off court," Almeida said.
According to BYUH's website, the school is a no violence zone.
Almeida says the school did not suspend the alleged attacker until after it discovered a video was recorded.
Almeida says that was three weeks after the incident was brought to the BYUH's attention.
She is set to leave the country next Tuesday.