Soldiers from the United States and Singapore will combine capabilities and share best practices when they conduct combined training together during Tiger Balm 2018.

The event takes place on Oahu starting on May 14 and will last through May 26.

This is the 38th iteration of this annual U.S.-Singapore bilateral military exercise.

As long-term partners in the region, Tiger Balm affords the U.S. Army and Singapore Army the opportunity to benefit and learn from each other through the exchange of unique tactics, techniques, procedures and lessons learned during the exercise.

Training during this year’s Tiger Balm will focus on combined-staff integration operations and a field-training exercise that will consist of light-infantry tactics, a company-sized-live-fire exercise, and air-ground integration by employing the concept of close-combat-offensive operations.

"Tiger Balm and other regional exercises allow military partnerships with our allies to grow and mature. The professional relationships, combat readiness, and inter-operability we build in partnered training today will prove critical when called upon to combine our efforts in response to crises in the region tomorrow," said Major General Ronald Clark, 25th Infantry Division commander.

There are more than four hundred U.S. Army forces participating in Tiger Balm.

U.S. Army units include elements of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division; 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division; and the 29th Infantry Brigade from the Hawaii Army National Guard.

Over one hundred soldiers from the Singapore Army are participating as well.

“It is paramount for countries like Singapore and the United States to continue strengthening our bilateral relationship, so that when we are called up we can operate seamlessly together,” said Colonel James Teo, Chief of Staff, 6th Division, Singapore Armed Forces.