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Evacuations and what Hawaii County Civil Defense says

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The world watches as images of disaster come out of Hawaii Island.

Many are hoping to dodge doomsday scenarios, while some prepare for them.

State Senator and National Guardsman Kai Kahele explains five reasons why mass evacuations could become a reality.

Kahele says the five reasons are: a blowout at the Puna Geothermal plant, no access to lower Puna, dangerous sulfur dioxide levels, and a major land movement which could potentially create a tsunami.

"Unfortunately how things transpired over the weekend, I think really is an indication that we're in this for the long haul, this isn't something that's going to stop and we need to be prepared for the worst," Kahele said.

Any evacuation call would have to come from Hawaii County or Civil Defense.

If air evacuations were to happen the National Guard's chinook helicopters could carry as much as thirty people out at a time.

It's black hawks can also carry smaller amounts of passengers but has the advantage of being able to land in tighter areas.

Hawaii County emphasizes that these are worst case scenarios and currently there is no need for mass evacuations or anyone to panic. 

"It would just depend on what happens, where it happens, what time it happens, and then the type of risk to the aviation operation whether its ash, incliment weather, if the clouds come in like they did in the past two days, they might not be able to fly at all," Lieutenant Colonel of the Hawaii National Guard, Shawn Tsuha said.

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