HONOLULU (KITV) - CNN tweeted that first lady Melania Trump has undergone kidney surgery and is expected to remain hospitalized for several days.  This comes just one day after Mother's Day.

Hawaii's own, former President Barack Obama posted a special tweet:

Another public display posted to Instagram showed nature at it's finest.

Mike Mezeul II posted this photo on Instagram with the caption- "The moon, Milky Way, lava and a meteor. Yes, it's real," with a description of how he captured the moment in time.

KITV reporter Mackenzie Stasko went live on Facebook yesterday, and you could  hear the intensity of the fissure behind her, almost sounding like a war zone.  Angel Hart commented on our Facebook post, "Wow that is loud, and crazy, kind of spooky too."

What is spooky is the trending PBS article that Media Beast, among other accounts have shared on Twitter:

"Volcanoes could also be key players in the creation of life here on Earth-and possibly beyond," the article read.