One of the concerns in lower Puna is air quality and a lot of residents have been searching for respirators but haven't been able to find them. So when a local auto shop said they had them, the line went out the door.

"Not everyone can just get on a plane and leave, some people can and some people are but the rest of us, we are here and we need help and it's like our voices aren't getting heard," Deseree Hughes, Kapoho resident said. 

"14 hours straight yesterday, phones off the lines and people are asking. Dawn to dusk, if we have the respirators, how many, how much are you selling them. I don't have enough, I don't have near enough," Mike Metcalf, Pahoa Auto Parts said.

Metcalf says they need thousands more. 

"This is it, there are no more cartridges, no more masks in Hawaii I've cleaned three of them out," he says. 

The most recent shipment has already sold out and the phone keeps ringing.

Some residents left in disbelief.

"We don't need to wait, we need help now, why is nobody helping us," Hughes said. 

Sulfur dioxide continues to threaten communities and residents have been out on alert of possible volcanic ash eruptions from Kilauea.

"We can't wait until the ash and the sulfur is down on us, we need it now," Hughes said. 

Experts are advising any consumers who are buying respirators to make sure you're buying the right type that'll filter out Sulfur Dioxide because buying the wrong type is hazardous to your health.