A volunteer medical team has set up in Kauai to treat patients in the isolated North Shore area. Pink eye, staff infections, stomach illness,  and infected cuts  are some of the many complaints the medical team  is addressing. Most of the symptoms are from contaminated water, including illnesses that have affected many children. 

"They have had a number of children with gastroenteritis, vomiting, diarrhea," said Dr. James Ireland, a volunteer with Hawaii Healthcare Emergency Management. "If those children can get treated there locally and get re-hydration solution with things like Pedialyte then they can stay in the community and not have to get evacuated. 

The medical team is set up their clinic in a hotel room at the Hanalei Colony Resort, an area so cut off that the volunteers had to be helicoptered in with their supplies. They're also starting a shuttle service from the pharmacy to the hotel to help with the flow of supplies. Dr. Ireland says their goal is to treat all minor infections before they grow into something far worse.

Dr. Ireland says he may be deployed to Kauai as soon as tomorrow to help relieve the other volunteers, but in the meantime he's helping to send over supplies  The group is accepting donations through the Hawaii Healthcare Emergency Management website at http://hawaiihealthcareemergencymanagement.net/donate/.