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Past lessons for the future of Hawaii

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Looking to the past to guide us into the future - that approach helped crew members of voyaging canoe Hokulea sail thousands of miles over open ocean using traditional way-finding by the stars.

"To knowing that we come from these great explorers, super intelligent people at a time especially when it was thought that maybe we weren't," Kaiulani Murphy, Hokulea navigator said. 

Murphy is one of few wahine to navigate long distance. The Hawaii island native has been a crew member for close to 20 years. Hokulea's Malama Honua voyage was unforgettable for her. 

"Trying to connect people all over the world who are like-minded thinking about we really need to take of our own place and collectively take care of the whole planet," Murphy said. 

She says sailing abroad made her appreciate her island home even more. It also helped her realize how fragile it has become. She says Hawaii has to be able to provide for Hawaii, without relying on importing our basic necessities.

"Just being able to have about the same amount of people here without any coming from the outside is just like an amazing thing to me that we should be able to use modern technology, incorporate that with the Ike of our Kupuna to come up with solutions... Trying to restore fishponds, restore these low-key obvious signs that are cool when I left behind for us, this is how we can survive and thrive," Murphy said. 

Just as Murphy looks to the sea and stars for guidance. She hopes others will look to the days of old for clues and for inspiration.