A massive boulder still sits on a Manoa family's lanai, a day after it rolled down from the hillside. The owner of the Manoa Hillside Estates gated community home, Lisa Tsutsui, says she has no idea who will remove it. Her insurance company told her it's not covered in her policy, and she may have to appeal. 

The Department of Planning and Permitting says the large parcel of land, which includes the hillside above the homes is collectively owned by the homeowners, who are the ones ultimately responsible for maintaining the hillside. 

Tsutsui said she's never had to deal with anything falling down the mountain ridge before.

"Even when its rained we've never had boulders rolling down the ridge," said Tsutsui.  "I'm not sure whats going on above."

We tried reaching out to the Home Owners Association, but their information was not listed. 

Tsutsui says that if she can't figure out who's going to move it, she may consider leaving it as part of her landscape design.