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Potential trade war with China could affect Hawaii's macadamia nuts trade-value

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Lots of uncertainty in Hawaii about how much money a trade war with China could cost our state.    

Economic Development and Business Committee in the House met Friday, the big concern is the visitor industry.

Hawaii Tourism Authority says Chinese visitors spend more money per person per day in Hawaii than any other foreign travelers. 

According to U.S. Census data, China is Hawaii's second largest export partner.

"Obviously there's quite a bit of volatility in terms of the message that's being provided so we are really trying to figure out ourselves what impact is going to be on Hawaii. We do know that there is going to be an impact, the extent to which we're still kind of taking a look at depending on how all of this volatility really rolls about," Eugene Tian, Chief State Economist said.  

Agriculture is preparing to take a big hit.

Right now, macadamia nuts are at its highest trade-value with China in five years.

If tariffs are increased by 15-percent later this month, those numbers will dip drastically.