HONOLULU - The 40th annual First Hawaiian Auto Show returns to Honolulu this weekend.

About 350 new makes and models will be on display at the Hawaii Convention Center Friday, April 13 through Sunday, April 15. Car enthusiasts will find a variety of classic and antique collections, as well as luxury and electric vehicles on the showroom floor. But will we ever see flying cars at the auto show one day? Automobile journalist and expert Charlie Vogelheim says the idea isn't that far fetched.

He explained, "Well, there are actually some developments of the flying car I've seen at CES and the Frankfurt Auto Show; it's not too far away. Now, you're not going to buy a Jetson Mobile right away. But this is the kind of thing that will alleviate possible congestion. What we all have to think about is, what are we going to get used to? Do we want these things buzzing in our backyard during a BBQ? 

Out of the 1 million vehicles on Hawaii's roadways, about 6,000 are electric, according to the Hawaii Auto Dealers Association. By 2045, the HADA estimates 260,000 autonomous vehicles will be driven in Hawaii. More than 230,000 are expected to be electric. 

"The utility companies are working on 100% renewable electric by 2045," said Dave Rolf of the HADA. "And they're looking at in the ground transportation sector, what that will be. So there's quite a bit of movement towards electric vehicles. We're [Hawaii] second only to California in adoption of electric and that's because we have this wonderful ability to produce electricity with wind, wave and sun and all sorts of wonderful ways to do that."

Vogelheim added, "I know Hawaii is a big proponent of electrification.. This all about trying to get the air clean, to try and be more efficient in terms of power supply and power source; particularly on an island like Hawaii, where you don't have any carbon based fuels readily available and everything has to be shipped in."

For more information about the First Hawaiian Auto Show, visit www.autoshowhawaii.com.