Fans come to Ko Olina Golf Club to get an up close and personal view of the Lotte Championship. But perhaps the best seats in the house are those lined right along the fairway.

"Oh, it's really awesome. We can go in, get a drink and come out, put a chair and sit here. It's just fabulous. We love it here," says homeowner, Reen Lising.

"A+. Can't get any better than this. It's certainly not bad to have the best house or lot on the course," says another homeowner, Bill Brypolcher.

And one house guest is soaking in all the perks the proximity has to offer.  

"It's a 10 out of 10. You get a nice view of the lagoon here and you get to see all the players come by. And it's like literally they walk by. You can wave to them and say hi. They sometimes even, the balls land in the backyard, and they have to, they ask, 'oh can we get our ball back please? so it's really cool,'" says Taylor Stewart.

"Occasionally, we get balls in here. We got about three dozen ball so far this year," says Brypolcher.

Don't worry though -- no homes were damaged.

Homeowners even get a chance to spend time with some pros, off the golf course.

"The Ko Olina people always ask for volunteers," says Lising.

"We are housing, currently, Jaye Marie Green and her brother who's her caddy, Matt Green. And they're so awesome. They're so sweet."

It was a mellow afternoon for the crowds during today's round two -- but the big parties are all going down on finals day.

"On Saturday, we like to have our family over. They're all local and they love coming here to watch the Lotte tournament," says Lising.

"Well we have 20 or 25 of our best, best friends of course knowing where we are so, they'll be over early in the morning and we'll watch then finals then watch the awards ceremony," says Brypolcher.

"What we hope is that there's either a playoff, or like there was 3 or 4 years ago, a winner determined right here at the 18th green. That's what we're looking for."

And for those without these prime "seats," daily admission to the Lotte is $10.