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Michelle Wie Brings In Droves of Fans at the 2018 Lotte Championship

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There's no denying Michelle Wie brings in the gallery and has some of the best fans out there. Some of her most loyal and entourage-worthy supporters came out to to Ko Olina Golf Club bright and early to root on their hometown hero on Day 1 of the Lotte Championship.
"I just love her. She's just herself. She's fun, she's crazy, she's just being Michelle," says Achnesia Titus, a Wie fan.

Titus has been following Wie on social media for years and comes to the Lotte for a chance to interact with the star in person.

"I brought her a special gift as to say thank you. You know she's an artist as well. The painting like i said, the clothing that she wears is african print sometimes. And i think she knows I'm from Africa."

And there may not be a more devoted fan out there than Linda Nakagawa. She's trekked the globle to watch Wie for almost 20 years.

"Oh, I don't think i can count because I've been every year when she was younger. I did go to as many as five, six, seven around the world."

"The last time i was there was about a month ago in Singapore."

Nakagawa first met Wie when the golfer was just 10 years-old -- and hasn't stopped supporting her since.

"I really believe she has immense talent and would be very successful," says Nakagawa.

Wie's a five-time winner on the LPGA tour --- but beyond golf, she has that it-factor that draws people to her.

"You want a person that's just being themselves and enjoying the game. And that's why you see the crowd is just right behind her. They want her to win this tournament in Hawaii," says Titus.

"She's a quite humble person and really down to earth. And once you get to know her, you forget she's a star, right?" says Nakagawa.