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Wellness Wednesday with Wildkraft Herbs

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What are you thankful for this morning? 
One of the things I encourage you to add to your list of blessings is your health. This Wellness Wednesday we're featuring a place that shows why community is essential to your health as well as experimenting something new. 

How we live, play and even work affects our health. That's why it's important to surround yourself with good people in a good space…a community.
Community builds unity, kinship and identity…. With over a hundred locations across the world, this Wellness Wednesday we visit Impact Hub Honolulu.
Impact Hub, is a community gathering place offering co working, offices, meeting and event space that creates sustainable impact through collaboration and community empowerment.  

The community manager Anne Weber said, 
"Community is what drives us and what helps us create."

Within this community, their wellness center the Wildkraft Apothecary creates and offers dynamic education on plant medicine and wellness practices.
Instead of the cookie cutter tea that supposedly solves it all, Blair Townley is the match maker between people and plants that helps clients obtain a personal experience where they feel heard and she believes is very important. . 
She said, "we talk deeply about life, events that have happened to them good and bad. We dig deeply into the details."

Off the shelf offerings include tinctures and teas for immunity, sleep, anxiety, depression, allergies, and grounding, Custom formulas are blended based on a full herbal intake including health history, pulse and tongue diagnosis, symptom picture and wellness goals.  

The Western Clinical Herbalist said, "being open to experimentation is the most important thing to your health".

I fall short when it comes to stress so Blair let me sample my personal mixture of "mellow mind" –
Containing catnip nervine, healthy basil (originally from India) aka holy basil (the hindu name) which is an adaptogen used to counter life's stresses. The mixture signals your body to shift from fight or flight into the parasympathetic nervous system or rest-and-digest mode. 

Blair adds, "if you can get excited about your why then you can get some motivation."

For earlier morning shifts my eyes turned to The Focus formula ...100% organic, has stimulating quality while being caffeine free. The spearmint, rosemary, tulsi, and ginger increases circulation and sharpens the mind.. Turning to herbs for her personal healing and health challenges now she offers her services and plant medicine at the hub. https://www.wildkraftherbs.com/

She adds to her community and hosted their last Wellness Wednesday and tonight the Impact Hub is
all about sparking joy with your surroundings. Anne said she threw away five full bags when she tried the KonMari method and says its about, "re-thinking the way you think of things and  space to bring joy in your life." 5:30pm on April 4th the Impact Hub is hosting their Sparking Joy Wellness Wednesday. http://impacthubhnl.com

From tinctures to teas to KonMari...there's a road to wellness where ever you're going. sometimes the smallest step in the right direction could be the biggest step in your life, that's your feature this Wellness Wednesday.