The Kuleana Breakfast club took a moment in the packed Lola's Grill and Pupu Bar to honor a man with a ukulele, who's music you still hear today.  Peter Moon, distinguished himself as a musician, much less of an entertainer.

"He would let the other guys do the entertaining. He just let his fingers do the talking," said Senator Brickwood Galuteria.

He collaborated with dozens of Hawaiian Music artists, and is given credit for forming the "Sunday Manoa" and the "Peter Moon Band."

Moon spent the last 13 years away from the limelight, taking a break from music. 

Friends still remember him as a pathfinder in the music industry, though his family chose to honor his memory more privately.

"Just thankful. Thankful that he's finally at peace, but also thankful for all of his great art. His great work. What a special guy," said entertainer, Kimo Kahoano.