The Honolulu Festival’s final day festivities kicked off in Waikiki Sunday morning with the 6th annual Honolulu Rainbow Ekiden.

Teams of three to five took turns running a 5-k relay race through Kapiolani Park and Diamond head.

During the race, teams took turns running by passing a sash to the next runner at the end of each leg. It's been a Japanese tradition for over 90 years, and draws participants from around the world.

"Everybody is flying in from Japan, or just local people, maybe mainland, they're also from Canada, yeah we have a lot of participants, because Ekiden is a very traditional Japanese race." Said Kei Segawa, MC for the Honolulu Rainbow Ekiden.

The event also included a leisurely "Run Run and Walk" for those who wanted to take it easy, and a half-mile "Kid's Challenge" for keiki.

Over 900 people participated in this year’s race. The festival wraps up with the Grand Parade down Kalakaua Avenue at 4 p.m. and the Nagaoka Fireworks show at 8:30 over Waikiki Beach.