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Spring is a few days away but looks like it already BEE-gun in Kapolei

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KAPOLEI, Hawaii -

If hitching a ride were an art, you might give this picture a bee-plus.

“I'm not afraid of bees but that's kind of freaky,” Adam James Lucena, a witness said.

Michael Gamurot went out for lunch at Kapolei Shopping Center.

“When I pulled up, I saw all of the bees swarming around,” Gamurot said.

A few minutes later, they were on his bike.

"I didn't know what to do, they don’t teach this in school, so I actually have to call a specialist to come down,” Gamurot said.

He says the thought actually crossed his mind about giving the bees a ride, that lasted for about five seconds…

Then he was told he could sweep them off with a glove. While he just had sushi and wasabi, he wasn't looking for any more of a sting.

"The alternative was 40 bucks, I was like 40 bucks come on down,” Gamurot said.

Gamurot called a bee expert, who explained the situation.

“it's a normal occurrence, it’s going to happen a lot more as spring and summer come on and then again in the fall,” Ken Harmeyer, Beekeeper, Hawaii Bee Hotline said.

Harmeyer says a queen bee likely left her hive after it got too crowded and was searching of a new home.

Gamurot's bike seemed like a nice place to rest.

Now they're boxed up, bee-having until they find a proper home.