Students from three Oahu high schools rallied at the State Capitol Friday to advocate for students with intellectual disabilities.

The campaign is called "Spread the Word to End the Word", and asks people to pledge to stop using the R-word. Students, educators and representatives from Special Olympics came together to push for change.

"I think it's important to end the "r-word" because people use it as a slang term but the r-word hurts and it shouldn't be used to describe people and it's derogatory so they need to end it," Evelin Utai, educational assistant said.

"Whenever I hear someone say 'oh you're retarded, I'm like 'don't say that, it's not good', cause what if they said that and you was in their spot. You would feel bad for yourself and you would be sad," Christian Allen Kaaihue, Roosevelt High School junior said. 

Besides holding up signs, the group met with lawmakers to talk about respect and inclusion.