HONOLULU - After being cited by the state's Department of Land and Natural Resources for asking for $5 from people who reached the summit of Diamond head, Christopher Barclay was arrested at the state monument on a 2015 bench warrant for failure to appear.  

The previous charge was for soliciting and sales on DLNR land.

“This individual was extremely argumentative when cited yesterday and despite previous citations he’s continued to thumb his nose at the law," said DLNR State Parks Division Administrator Curt Cottrell.

Christopher Barclay was given a cease and desist order by DLNR, who claimed he used the flat surface of one of the bunkers as a table to sell "hike accomplishment" certificates to visitors without a permit from the state.

DLNR says Barclay told hikers he was a state park employee and the cash collected went to keeping the park clean.

State officials say Diamond Head has one approved vendor for selling logo items located at the foot of the trail.

Barclay faces criminal penalties associated with the earlier failure to appear warrant, and the possibility of both criminal and civil penalties associated with yesterday's citation.