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Trends & Talkers: International Women's Day

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Happy International Women's Day!  It's the hot topic on social media all over the world.  Hawaii celebrated with a protest at the capitol. 

When we posted about the event, men were the first to respond!

  • "Thursday is a work day."
  • "Get a job."
  • "Yep. Work day. I rather watch a movie then see a nonsense thing."
  • "Same people that saw '50 Shades of Grey' twice!"

Meanwhile at the capitol, we got response from those comments:

  • "What do you think? I think that's absolutely a culture that we're trying to fight against."
  • "What people don't understand about patriarchy is that it affects men too, it's not just a woman thing it's a people thing. Patriarchy needs to end."
  • "This is the beginning of a revolution, it's been going on since the beginning of time, but I feel like we've got some momentum now, and there's change that is actually happening, but of course this isn't going to be easy."
  • "Where do you see women in 20 years?"  "I think that if we do the work to change the culture, we'll have workplaces that are more respectful, more inclusive, where sexual harassment is much less likely to occur."

Here's what International Women's Day meant to the women of Island News.

  • "It means women coming together and standing in support of one another in a sign of solidarity."
  • "To me, Women's Day means all of us coming together, empowering each other, and standing up for what we deserve."
  • "To me, International Women's Day means Girlpower, women supporting other women."
  • "International Women's Day to me means, reinforcing positive energy for one another, showing appreciation, and never forgetting to just share the aloha spirit."

Some powerful stuff. Be sure stick with us on-air and online.

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