HONOLULU - A woman who police say recruited and housed foreign exchange students, is now accused of raping one of them while he was bedridden.

Court documents revealed a 16-year-old boy from Japan had been allegedly raped multiple times by a woman 20 years older than him while he was under her care.

"It's real betrayal. The trust that this victim and the family had in this woman was absolute," P. Gregory Frey, the victim's attorney said.

Police say 36-year-old Rika Shimizu owns ESL Hawaii, a boarding school for international students that she helps recruit for multiple schools.   The victim’s attorney said his parents trusted her to be the boy’s guardian while he attended Saint Francis School.

The victim told police Shimizu had sexually assaulted him at his room on multiple occasions from October of last year up until last month. 

He said Shimizu threatened to kick him out of the exchange program if he came forward, and his parents would be out thousands of dollars.

The Attorney representing the victim and his family said the abuse started when the boy was bedridden with an injury.

“He had had a concussion, he was bed bound, he needed care, he needed help, he needed to be supervised. Instead of that, the allegations indicate she repeatedly sexually abused him, despite his repeated objections.” Sid Frey.

Shimizu was indicted for five counts of second degree sex assault and four counts of fourth degree sex assault.  She was arrested at a home on Kanewai Street in Manoa Tuesday and remains in custody on $600,000 bail.