Navy wife, Marites Campano, and her family were awarded $24.7 million on Wednesday, in part of malpractice suit against Tripler Army Medical Center. The Campano's attorney claims it’s the largest verdict ever against Tripler. 

"What happened there was totally unnecessary," the family's attorney, Rick Fried said. "Every bit of this money is going to be needed by her over her life."

Fried says it all started on July 22, 2013 when Campano went to Tripler Army Medical Center to deliver her third child. Within hours of her arrival, court documents show Campano "became clammy and pale" and had "low blood pressure."

"She had some signs of infection.. it was not taken a look at.. and she delivered her baby girl," Fried said. 

Campano's baby girl was born at 1:10 a.m., on July 23, 2013. Her condition still had not improved. Courts documents reveal Campano was in constant pain for two straight days without timely diagnosis and antibiotic treatment, causing her condition to deteriorate into sepsis.

"As a result of this she lost both of her kidneys. She was 37 years old at the time," Fried added. 

According to Fried, although Campano received a kidney transplant, eventually she'll either need another kidney or have to go back on dialysis. Campano suffered "severe and permanent," damage to her kidney court documents show, and is faced with spending at least 15-days a year in the hospital for the rest of her life.  

"Basically they fell asleep. I mean it was obvious to anyone and that's why they ultimately admitted liability," Fried said. "It has been a very, very rough course and has totally changed her life."

Along with the government admitting liability, there was an offer to settle the case for $10 million last June, but the U.S. Attorney General's office rejected that deal.

More than half of the record payout, around $18.5 million, is meant to cover future medical care and expenses for Campano. As well as, mental anguish for her and her entire family. 

A spokesperson for Tripler Army Medical Center issued the following statement:

"Tripler Army Medical Center respects the decision of the U.S. District Court and extends our continued support to the patient and family."