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Taking a second look at pedestrian curbs safety

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In the wake of a multiple pedestrian incident in Waikiki, curb safety is in the spotlight.

We showed a video of people walking close to a curb to pedestrian safety advocate Lance Rae, who says it is one of the most common mistakes people make.

"A lot of people are anxious to cross the street or you're waiting for the bus and there's a tendency for you to want to stand on the edge of the curb to look over," said Rae.

He also stated that anyone standing close enough to the curb can easily get nicked by the bus and potentially pulled under it.

Pedestrians should stand at least 8 to 10 feet away from the street. 

However, while people watching on the streets in Waikiki, it was noted that many did not follow the proper protocol.

We showed a visitor from Arizona video of a tight turn. They all agreed-the pedestrians put themselves at risk. 

When asked, other pedestrians were unaware of the rule as well.

Experts say a majority of pedestrian fatalities occur near bus stops and intersections. 

Aside from pedestrians, Rae says drivers should always remain vigilant too. 

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